Partnership with Singulart – The Online Art Gallery to Buy From Talents All Over the World


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singulart and glarify partner up

Singulart and Glarify partner up

The new destination for art collectors and artists

Singulart​, a young French start-up, plans to become the leading website for buying contemporary art online. Singulart is an online platform that serves as an intermediary between artists and collectors, offering international exposure to nationally recognised artists and encouraging the sale of their artworks to art lovers around the world. Pivotal to its success, Singulart is placing the emphasis on three important factors: an international standing, the individual selection of each artist, and leading experience in web-marketing. The online gallery is expanding rapidly: Artists from over 45 countries are now represented on the platform.

Singulart - Online Art Gallery - Screen

Singulart – Online Art Gallery – Screen


A digital platform for art collectors and contemporary artists

The meticulous selection process for artists is taken care of by the Singulart team. By selecting artists that already have a strong degree of recognition in their native country (solo exhibitions, prizes, residencies, publications etc.), Singulart reassures collectors and buyers who are familiar with the art market, as well as amateurs and novices who are curious to discover and learn about art. Among our prominent artists are ​Graeme Williams​, ​Pavel Wolberg​, Alain Longeaud or Virginia Valère.

Singulart’s main mission is to allow artists to embrace the digital age and take charge of how their public image is communicated. The start-up provides artists with an efficient interface, where they can independently manage the upload of their artworks. The Singulart team will then take care of extensive communication and web-marketing campaigns in English, French, Spanish and German.

Singulart - Online Art Gallery - Screen

Singulart – Online Art Gallery – Artwork Screen

Private and public investors have given the green light to online sales

The team’s mission to “empower artists” was pivotal in winning over the company’s investors, many of whom come from both the technology and art industries. Among them are prominent art collectors, as well as the French investment bank Bpifrance, through its Angel Ambition Start-Up Fund (F3A). Their significant investments have allowed for the company’s rapid evolution.

Singulart - Online Art Gallery - Screen

Singulart – Online Art Gallery – Screen of Juliette Charvet’s Profile


Innovation in the art world led by a well-matched digital trio.

Singulart was founded in February 2017 by three entrepreneurs who are each equally passionate about art, internationalism and the digital world. Brice Lecompte, trained at the school of engineering, Centrale Marseille, was the Managing Director of the India-based media agency KRDS before spending a year at Critéo: he is responsible for data analysis, operations and the acquisition of online clients.

Véra Kempf studied Hungarian at SciencesPo, a leading French academic institution for social studies, to help her better understand Robert Capa, an influential Hungarian photographer of the early nineteenth century. She later discovered her entrepreneurial calling whilst in Africa. She is responsible for the recruitment of artists and product development.

Denis Fayolle is an entrepreneur of continual success. He founded (sold to TripAdvisor for $150 million), Habiteo and Adrenaline Hunter, and was the primary business angel for Mano Mano (raised $60 million, September 2017) and Zensoon (sold to Wahanda for several million euros). He accompanies Véra and Brice in their respective fields.


Singulart Associés Pro - Web - Crédit Maxime Riché

Singulart Founders – Photo Credit Maxime Riché


The Glarify team is happy to have Singulart as a partner and we are sure that fruitful times are laying ahead.

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