Artipoeus Episode 56 – Swamp Thing


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Artipoeus visits Andrea Bowers’ exhibit OPEN SECRET at Capitain Petzel in Berlin

In Andrea Bowers’s “Open Secret,” Bowers takes over the entire gallery with multi-media work, but the main attraction is the 19 by 4 meter wall standing in the middle of the gallery, like an office bulletin board, covered in long red scrolls of paper printed with the allegations and, when available, public replies of 100 men who have been accused of sexual aggression and violence in the #metoo and #timesup movements. When I read a brief description of this exhibit online, I was pretty excited about it.  Of course I was interested in seeing an artist’s interpretation of #metoo. But when I read a longer description, I admit I was actually put off: I hate text-based art in general, with very few exceptions. Especially long texts because: why not just write a book?

Tracks used in this episode are Eunice Two-Step, by Zydeco musician Amédé Ardoin, and Early Stomp, by Catahoula Curse.  Tracks used under the Fair Use Act.
Brought to you by Susie Kahlich from Artipoeus
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