Artipoeus Episode 34 – Whispers and Cries


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Untitled | Annique Delphine 2016

Untitled | Annique Delphine 2016


To wrap up women’s history month, we sat down with Berlin-based artists Annique Delphine and Nina E Schoenefeld here at Artipoeus headquarters for some coffee, a chat, and possibly the worst cake I’ve ever made, but you know… when it comes to baking cakes, I’m not that kind of woman.

Annique and Nina enjoyed back to back exhibitions at coGalleries in Berlin’s Mitte: Annique’s photograph and video work were featured in her “Reclaim the Feminine” show, and Nina’s technology and trinket-based multi-media work in her “Hacker On the Run: Rise of the Black Wolf” installation. They’re both German, they’re both women, and they’re both artists… and that’s about where the similarities end. Or… is it? I’ll let them tell you all about it, while I choke down another piece of Artipoeus cake.

Annique Delphine and Nina E Schoenefeld, post-cake

Annique Delphine and Nina E Schoenefeld, post-cake

You can follow Nina’s #hacker on the run story and see more of her work at her website at, and you can learn more about Annique Delphines’ #freethnipple and reclaim the feminine series at her webiste, at

And we created a digital – print only Series on for Women’s History Month, called Getting Away with Murder: a rogue’s gallery of male artists accused and / or convicted of crime but who succeeded anyway, and female artists accused or convicted of the same crimes, whose careers were subsequently destroyed and forgotten by history. You can find it at /@sekahlich along with my other writings and soon my paper on women’s rights movements and their relationship to war, along with my recipe for peace… which is suspiciously similar to my recipe for cake…  although, I don’t think that’s what Marie Antoinette had in mind.


Brought to you by Susie Kahlich from Artipoeus

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