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Interview with Clara Cremer - Curator of The Dark Rooms Exhibition in Berlin

Interview with Clara Cremer – Curator of The Dark Rooms Exhibition in Berlin


…in which your host talks to curator Clara Cremer, and gets a sneak peek of Berlin’s upcoming The Dark Rooms: an exhibit of art… in the dark!

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This week, in a special two-part interview, Artipoeus talks to curator and co-founder of the upcoming The Dark Rooms, a one-night only art exhibit… in the dark.

The last episode of Artipoeus brought us to the end of a Paris love story, with lots of broken hearts, many broken heels, and quite a few broken rules… because hearts, heels and rules are all made to be broken, n’est-ce pas? (says the woman who just moved to Germany, land of rule lovers). As in all good stories, before the next chapter begins, and before I start breaking any rules in my new city, we must first descend into darkness.

The Dark Rooms is five floors of art in an old brewery in Berlin, featuring the work of 11 international artists in soundart, sculpture, installation, painting and video. Only the artwork itself will be lit, leaving you alone, with the art… in the dark. The exhibit is open only for six hours, and only for one night — September 3rd — and then, like a mysterious night-blooming flower, it’s gone.

The idea for The Dark Rooms blossomed between three friends, Sven Sauer, Jerry Kowalski, and Clara Cremer. Artists and art lovers themselves, Sven, Jerry and Clara came up with the concept while looking at art. I sat down with The Dark Rooms curator Clara Cremer, and got the whole story.

The Dark Rooms is on view on the 3rd of September starting at 4pm the Willner Brewery, Berliner Strasse 80-82 in Berlin. Tickets are sold out, but due to high demand The Dark Rooms will be raffling off an additional 500 tickets, when you register at

Tune in on September 4th for the second part of this interview to hear how The Dark Rooms went — did everyone get in? Did anyone get hurt? Did the pirate trick work? We’ll find out in Part 2: After The Dark Rooms!


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That’s all for Artipoeus this week. I’m Susie Kahlich. See you around town!


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