Frieze London 2015 – Regent’s Park

What an impressive fair! Top Galleries of the world are gathering here. No chance for me to buy anything;)

These are some impressions of the Frieze Art Fair from Premium Wednesday. Single artwork features are coming soon.

20151014_120246027_iOS 20151014_121441240_iOS 20151014_121841385_iOS 20151014_121920649_iOS 20151014_122403831_iOS 20151014_122502740_iOS 20151014_122849084_iOS 20151014_123211524_iOS 20151014_124807631_iOS 20151014_125056486_iOS 20151014_125722966_iOS 20151014_130047913_iOS 20151014_130055551_iOS 20151014_130529430_iOS 20151014_130537367_iOS 20151014_130737484_iOS 20151014_132233198_iOS 20151014_132411786_iOS 20151014_134516782_iOS 20151014_134532924_iOS 20151014_135101694_iOS 20151014_151232977_iOS 20151014_151420909_iOS 20151014_151519490_iOS 20151014_154839314_iOS 20151014_154916568_iOS 20151014_155617716_iOS 20151014_160412464_iOS 20151014_161712367_iOS 20151014_163427336_iOS 20151014_164116780_iOS 20151014_165031107_iOS 20151014_165204024_iOS 20151014_171147970_iOS IMG_4178 IMG_4186 IMG_4189 IMG_4190 IMG_4203 IMG_4217 IMG_4222

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